NYC Taxi Data 2015

The New York City department of Taxi and Limousines released data for every $2.5 billion and 187 million trips in 2015.  This dataset contains pickup time, location and dropoff coordinates, fare, tip amount and transaction type for 2015.


Interesting findings:

New Yorkers Aren’t Morning People

It’s pretty nice being a taxi driver these days.  On average, taxi drivers who were tipped, received an average tip of 20.0% (credit card transactions only).  The best tips occur between 4 – 5pm, that’s when drivers receive tips 5% higher than the 20.0% average.  Apparently, New Yorkers aren’t morning people, the worst time to drive a taxi is 7 – 8am, that’s when drivers recieve the lowest tips 4% lower than average.

Hourly Taxi Tips

54% of trips used a credit card

Since this analysis only looks at credit card trips, we see grouping around the pre-selected tip amounts in the creditcard reader of 15%, 20% and 25%.  It seems that 20% is the most selected tip amount: 42% of tips were between 19 – 22%.

Tip Histogram


NYC Taxi Data | Google Big Query

Microsoft Excel (Graphs)